“Watch Out, You May Encounter This Too…”

The #1 Thing First Year Engineering Students Should Do To Succeed.

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Here’s the sad truth…

The Basics For Beginners

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What is an FPGA?

The 3 Keys To Engineering School Success

  • Am I smart enough for engineering?
  • Will it be too difficult for me?
  • Am I going to struggle?

How you can do it without working more hours or selling products online.

Me at Hobbiton in New Zealand

What do the most effective engineers do that others don’t?

3 habits of highly effective engineers — Tyler George

Habit 1: The Question Mindset

Debugging 101: How Do I Debug Engineering Problems?

“It shouldn’t be difficult to choose…but it is.”

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1) What Do You Like?

What is the easiest way to choose what industry you should be an engineer for?

Discover what you should and shouldn’t do in your first engineering job.

Tyler George

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